About Us

Let us ease your minds - we are not new to the food industry.  Our business dates back over 70 years but we didn't start in food.  We started in our families church and it was through ministry that brought us to the food industry.  Our family church was based in a small ranch town and our mission in food all started with a good ole' handshake between our grand-parents and a local rancher. 

As time went on, our grandparents saw the need to help other local ranchers and they expanded the business to neighboring towns and cities so that other communities could also benefit from low wholesale prices on good quality meats. 

Now 4 generations later, we still operate with the same ideology.  God first, Family second and Business third.  We choose to remain a small family owned wholesale provider of high-quality meats and seafood.  We still travel to cities and towns large and small with one primary mission - to drive down high meat prices one customer at a time!

We love saving our customers money so we are extending you a good ole' virtual handshake and hope you'll join our growing number of happy online customers today!  

What you can expect from us?

  • We strive to provide USA sourced meats and seafood from local ranchers across the United States.
  • We will always provide you with the lowest wholesale prices possible.
  • We keep it simple and transparent - what you see is what you get with our products.
  • We pack your boxes in dry-ice and provide 2-3 day shipping to ensure quality upon delivery.
  • We want you to be our customer for life and will pass even more savings onto you through our subscription boxes.
  • Oh, and the best part is we are Real People!  You can actually speak to our team if you need us - Yes, it's true!

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